Warm–up routine

  • Benchmarks- Wall tests X2
  • Overhead squat, Overhead lateral squat, Forward lunge with side ben, Overhead lateral lunge with rotation, Foam roller upper back extension, kneeling upper back rotations
  • Key points to understand Drift, Drop, Bounce, and Break

Bowling routine/pointers

  • Beat them in the air beat them of the pitch
  • Spin it hard and up, invite a drive, bowl a line
  • Get to the crease, own the crease, get through the crease
  • Bowl yourself in and out of the over
  • Strong front side, aligned t the target, up and over


  • Consistent path of bowling arm to target
  • Alignment
  • Strong front side
  • Appropriate pace and angle of approach
  • Upright body position at the crease
  • Up and over shoulder rotation to target
  • 180 degree rotation and drive to target
  • Bowl with energy


  • Spin, line, length, pace trajectory, variations and angles


  • Strong work ethic
  • Open minded to information and give it a go
  • Self-reliance
  • Desire to succeed
  • Competitor.


  • Awareness of match situations roles
  • Understanding of fields developing the ability to work out batters
  • Knowing own strengths and weaknesses