The Hunger Games

The batters needed to be aware than any half chance was tonight, always out!

The rules and regulations of the “Hunger Games”
  • Batsmen shall be eliminated from the net when they had offered an opportunity for dismissal – they would then be asked to bowl
  • Bowlers will be eliminated from the net when they had delivered a combination of two wide or no balls (this was to increase pressure on discipline).
  • When the second “extra” ball occurs then the bowler pads up and waits for their chance to bat.
  • The cricketer is expelled from the training environment (wait outside) when they have been eliminated from both batting and bowling disciplines
  • The World Leading Fielding team DO NOT miss half chances.
  • The winner is the last person standing, just as in the film “The HungerGames”
  • Wicket Keepers make two mistakes/fumbles are out.