Fitness and nutrition

How fit do you have to be to play cricket? Would a cricket training or fitness program really make a great difference to performance on the field?

Traditionally, cricket has been perceived as a relatively mild sport from a physiological point of view. The intermittent nature of the game with its long rest intervals provides plenty of recovery time between any short spells of higher intensity activity.

However, the demands of cricket may be underestimated. Fitness aside, cricket players are susceptible to overuse injury and conditioning plays an important role in chronic and acute injury prevention, particularly in asymmetrical sports such as cricket (i.e. batting, bowling and throwing are performed with a dominant arm or stance).

Conditioning for cricket should not only be sport specific but also position specific. Fast bowlers require different preparation from spin bowlers for example. Of course, there are many aspects of cricket training applicable to all players as each individual will be required to bat and field during a game. DynamicCricket can help guide and support all types of cricketers to improve their fitness levels, with specific testing and programmers to help improve any age and ability

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