Challenge corner

As a coach I think it is really important that we share good practice or ideas that will challenge your player. The flight of fight scenarios help players find strategies to control and manage pressure situations. It is really important that players are put under pressure or near to match situation as possible when practicing.

Mental toughness test

One challenge I use is a mental toughness test. The player has 3 lives and starts batting on the bowling machine at 60 mph. (It can vary depending on the ability of the player). Every time the player hits the ball (even if it’s an edge) the speed goes up 1mph until they miss the ball 3 times. They are then then out of the game! The player can quit the game at any time if they feel uncomfortable with the pace. I keep records of each player. The highest being 93 mph!! It’s a great test of mental toughness and the kids enjoy the challenge. My eight year old boy got up to 56mph!