Scott Boswell – ECB level 4 coach

Allow me to introduce myself. Previously a professional cricketer for Northants CCC and Leicestershire CCC from 1994-2001, and now a qualified Elite Level 4 Coach.

My passion for people to enjoy cricket is undeniable. My main goal is to help improve their skills in a challenging and rewarding manner on and off the field.

I have over 20 years’ of experience in coaching from club and school level, all the way to coaching international cricketers.

Currently Head of Cricket at Trent College, I have also been Director of Cricket at Nottingham High School. Both roles have enabled me to work extensively with young promising cricketers, to help develop their skills and fulfil their cricketing goals.

I have experience working at the ECB National Performance Centre in Loughborough with Graham Dilley, as well as travelling the world playing and coaching cricket.

My other passions include being a competitive triathlete, competing all over the country, which has allowed me to transfer my enjoyment and knowledge for fitness to another sport.

Psychology of sport is also an interest of mine, researching the mental side of the game and its impact, as well as benefits reflecting on my own experiences at a professional level.

Cricket is a fantastic sport, and with the right coaching, can be hugely rewarding. I look forward to coaching you and enabling you to achieve your cricketing goals.